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Article Submission and Withdrawal

Article Submission: Authors who want to submit their articles to be published to JHNM can upload their studies by logging in to our journal management system at and following the specified steps in the "Submit an Article Online" section of the system. The articles sent by the authors via e-mail and mail are not taken into consideration and the articles must be sent from the system.

During the evaluation and acceptance process of the articles, all kinds of communication with the author(s) are done automatically through the online article tracking system of JHNM. After the authors register to the JHNM online system, they can log into the system with their e-mail addresses and the password they have specified by clicking the link sent to their e-mail address.

Before submitting an article, it is necessary to register to the journal's system.

In order to send articles to the journal, all steps specified by the system must be done. All the steps in the system are mandatory, and the publications that do not upload the 'Ethics Committee Approval' is not accepted.

Before the author(s) upload their studies to the system, paying attention to the items in the checklist title below will speed up the acceptance process of the study.

In Letter to the Editor Section

  • Type of the article
  • Information that it has not been submitted to another journal,
  • Must be specified if there is a relationship with a sponsor or a commercial company,
  • It is controlled in terms of statistical check (for research articles),
  • It is controlled in terms of English,
  • Resources are organized according to APA6
  • A permit certificate if the previously printed material (text-picture-table) has been used,
  • Issues such as ethics committee approval document and upload to the system should be clarified.

In Cover Page

  • Type of the article,
  • Turkish and English title of the article,
  • The names, surnames, titles and institutions of the authors (After university and faculty information, city and country information should also be included), e-mail addresses
  • The corresponding author's e-mail address, full address, business phone, mobile phone, fax number,
  • Orcid numbers of all authors

In the Main Text of Article

  • Turkish and English title of the article,
  • Turkish and English Abstract (not exceeding 200 words),
  • Turkish and English keywords (3-6 words),
  • If the article is in Turkish, an extended summary in English (600-800 words)
  • The main text of article (including introduction, general information and rationale, method, findings, discussion, conclusion and suggestions)
  • Acknowledgments (if any)
  • References
  • Tables, Pictures, Figures (with title, description and subtitles)
  • There should be no name / descriptive information in the records of all uploaded files (This information should be sent by deleting from the computer settings)

Article Withdrawal: In accordance with JHNM's publishing policy, the collaboration of journal editor and author should be ensured in withdrawal procedures.

Author(s) who want to withdraw their study during the evaluation phase, must submit the petition containing the reason for the withdrawal to the editorial board in a wet signature, stating that they have the approval of all authors. The editorial board must review this author's request and return to the author within ten days at the latest. During the article submission phase, the study cannot be submitted for evaluation to another journal unless the withdrawal request is approved.

Article Acceptance Chart
JHNM that publishes depending on open access, independent and biased double-blind review process, is a journal scanned in national indexes that do not request fees from authors and readers. All articles are evaluated by the editorial board, statistical advisor and at least two reviewers with the application of blind reviewers. Articles that are evaluated by the reviewer are sent to plagiarism control. According to the results of the plagiarism report, the editor makes the final decision.

After Acceptance
The studies accepted as a result of JHNM evaluation are published through the processes of controling plagiarism, making layout and string, giving the DOI number, respectively. The studies published in ahead of print are published in volumes and numbers approved by the editorial board. As a result of plagiarism control, revisions may be requested from the authors or the studies may be returned to the author. The editorial board is exactly empowered to make the final decision on the study.
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique access number that allows identification and access of every study published electronically. It is mandatory to provide DOI number for every study published in JHNM or in ahead of print. After the acceptance stage, the studies coming to the publishing stage are given DOI number by the editorial board.

Ahead of Print
Because JHNM cares about the dissemination of current and original information, the studies that are accepted by completing the evaluation phase and whose processes are completed after the acceptance are published electronically in ahead of print. The studies published in ahead of print are published in the volume and number approved by the editorial board by giving the page number and removed from the early printing. The studies in ahead of print may not be the last version to be published in a normal number. Small edits can be made on the last version to be published.

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