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About the Journal


The Journal of Health and Nursing Management (JHNM) is a scientific periodical of the Association of Nurse Managers in Turkey.  Association of Nurse Managers is a professional organization established under the law of associations. It is a non-profit organization and publishes this journal to make a scientific contribution to the development and solidarity of professionals.

The languages of publication are Turkish and English. The Journal of Health and Nursing Management, is a peer reviewed, and has accepted the open access policy.  The journal is published three times a year, in April, August and December, depending on the independent double-blind review process. 

The journal has been publishing regularly since May 2014 and it has been indexed in ULAKBİM, TR-Index since its establishment, Turkey Citation Index since 2017 and EBSCO since 2020.. Efforts are being continued for this journal to be included in international indexes such as PUBMED, SCI recently.

Association of Nurse Managers is the copyright holder of all articles published or accepted for publication in The Journal of Health and Nursing Management (JHNM). Without the written permission of the Editorial Board all or any part of the articles, tables, figures, and illustrations can not be published in anywhere. Scientific responsibility of the articles belongs to the author(s), and Editorial Board of The Journal can not be held responsible for their scientific contents. Manuscript sent to the JHNM for evaliation should not be concurrently published or submitted for publication in any other journal. Manuscripts are firstly reviewed for compliance with publishing policies by the editorial board. Manuscripts deemed appropriate are sent for review to at least two reviewers. Manuscripts whose evaluation process is completed are accepted after necessary corrections have made. For articles published in JHNM, authors do not receive any payment nor are they required to pay any sum.


The Journal of Health and Nursing Management aims to share research findings, practice experience and scientific knowledge on issues related to health and nursing management. Articles such as research, meta-analysis, systematic review, case report, review including theory, philosophy, scientific knowledge and experience related to all subject areas covering health and nursing management are accepted to the journal. It is important to publish all the studies that contribute to the development of health and nursing management and which give a national and international perspective. The target audience of the journal are professionals, researchers and academicians related to health and nursing management; all health professionals working in practice,  in professional and academic institutions and organizations.


This guideline has been prepared by Logos Medical Publishing, by examining the leading national and international institutions of the publishing sector, and it has been found appropriate and adopted by the editorial board of the journal. It is recommended that all researchers who will send their studies to the journal should examine this guide carefully. The resources and international authorities used during the preparation proces of these policies are indicated at the end of the guideline.


The main text language (Turkish and English) of the studies sent to JHNM must have a plain and clear language quality in accordance with the grammar rules and scientific literature. The studies should be written in a clean and fluent language, free from foreign words. In this context, editing the studies before submitting them to the journal system for evaluation will ensure that the publishing processes are maintained in a healthier manner.

Utilized Resources
Budapest Open Access Initiative
Creative Commons
COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)
DOAJ Principles Of Transparency And Best Practice In Scholarly Publishing, Version 3
Education and Science Journal  Publication Policies
ICMJE (International Committee Of Medical Journal Editors)
COHE Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Directive


As a publisher that is aware of the fact that information should be easily accessible for the advancement of scientific studies Logos Publishing supports the open access initiative declared in Budapest Open Access Initiative which states that the peer-reviewed journal literature should be open access, and offers all the published articles free of charge in an environment where everyone can read and download. The term “open access” in this declaration means that” by means of internet, scientific literature can be accessed, read, recorded, copied, printed, scanned, linked to full text, indexed, transferred as data to the software, and used for all legal purposes without the financial, legal and technical barriers

Considering the role of information sharing in the advancement of science, open access is of great importance for researchers and readers. For this reason, the articles published in this journal may be used as long as the author and the original source are cited. No permission is required from authors or publishers. The articles in JHNM are accessible through search engines, websites, blogs and other digital platforms.
These open access policies accepted on September 12, 2012, and also adopted by our editorial board are also accessible at

As publisher of the JHNM, Logos Medical Publishing. Inc. does not demand any subscription fee, publication fee or similar payment from authors or readers for electronic resources of this journal.

A Creative Commons license is a public copyright license that provides free distribution of a copyrighted works or studies. An author uses the CC license when he or she wants to transfer the right to use, share or modify his/her work to third parties

For all published articles, our journal accepts the "Creative Commons Attribution License" (4.0 International CC BY)"

This license entitles all parties to share copy and redistribute the articles in any medium or format files published in this journal in data mining, search engines, web sites, blogs and other digital platforms under the condition of providing references.

Open access is an approach that reinforces interdisciplinary development and encourages cooperation between different disciplines. For this reason, Journal of Health and Nursing Management contributes to its field by offering more access to its articles and a more transparent review process
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