Journal of Health and Nursing Management: 9 (2)
Volume: 9  Issue: 2 - 2022
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5.Determining the Organizational Silence Behavior of Nursing Faculty Members and Affecting Factors
Begüm Yalçın, Güzin Ayan
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.28199  Pages 169 - 177

6.Evaluation of Clinical Activities by Nurses Through Time Study
Chatitze Chousein, Manar Aslan
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.99422  Pages 178 - 189

7.Evaluation of Professional Attitudes and Competence of Nursing Students During the Period of Distance Education
Yıldız Denat, Muazzez Şahbaz
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.66933  Pages 190 - 199

8.The Effect of The Nursing Image Used in the Red Crescent and Child Welfare Agency Stamps Between 1912-1958 on the Social Perception of Women: A Review
Nesrin Özdil, Bahadır Elal, Ülkü Baykal
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.29053  Pages 200 - 216

9.Determining the Relationship Between Workplace Bullying Perceptions and Professional Commitment Levels Among New Graduate Nurses
Merve Tarhan, Merve Akbudak, Merve Can, Ayşenur Kale
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.48303  Pages 217 - 229

10.A Sentiment Analysis of Turkish Tweets Shared in Nursing Week During the Pandemic
Muzaffer Berna Doğan, Volkan Oban, Gül Dikeç
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.20053  Pages 230 - 238

11.The Effect of Nurses’ Perception of Diversity Management on Organizational Happiness Levels
Tuğba Akman, Serap Altuntaş
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.00821  Pages 239 - 249

12.Investigation of the Relationship Between Mobile Learning Readiness and Individual Innovativeness in Nursing Students
Nursemin Ünal, Betül Tosun
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.73645  Pages 250 - 260

13.Nursing Students’ Protective Behaviors towards COVID-19, their Perception of Information, and the Psychological Effects in the Early Stages of the Pandemic
Kübra Pınar Gürkan, Burcu Cengiz
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.66934  Pages 261 - 271

14.Investigation of Work-Life Quality and Work-Family Conflict of Nurses Working in Shifts in Terms of Some Variables
Ferhat Daşbilek, Özlem Doğan Yüksekol, İlksen Orhan
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.75436  Pages 272 - 284

15.The Effect of Nurses’ Ethical Sensitivity on Organizational Silence in the COVID-19 Outbreak
Hilal Kuşcu Karatepe
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.33255  Pages 285 - 297

16.The Relationship between Individual Workload Perception and Individualized Care Perceptions of Nurses
Kevser Pamuk, Pakize Özyürek
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.56833  Pages 298 - 310

17.The Effect of Nurses’ Individual and Professional Characteristics and Career Decisions Regrets on Turnover Intention
Leyla Afşar Doğrusöz, Şehrinaz Polat, Tuğba Yeşilyurt, Nilgün Göktepe
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.20591  Pages 311 - 321

18.An Analysis of Missed Nursing Care in Intensive Care Units and Influencing Factors
Handan Kartal, Tuğçe Çamlıca, Ali Özkan
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.75547  Pages 322 - 333

19.Factors Affecting Nurses’ Attitudes Towards Patient Safety: Systematic Review
Gülhan Erkuş Küçükkelepçe, Sevda Arslan Şeker
doi: 10.54304/SHYD.2022.53244  Pages 334 - 348


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